Liberia and usa - a partnership

A Country Founded by Freed Slaves from America

Liberia was founded in 1847 as a result of US domestic and foreign policy interests. 

With the number of freed slaves growing in the US, the American Colonization Society (ACS) began repatriation to West Africa. In 1824, the settlement was named Liberia and it's capital was given the name Monrovia after US President James Monroe who had successfully obtained more US funding for the project. 

The Partnership

Educate West Point is a Liberian NGO with a US sister NGO -- the latter with the sole purpose of supporting the program goals of the former by way of fundraising, awareness campaigns and overall technical guidance. This is to empower the Liberian NGO and to highlight the unique partnership between the two nations.

Join Us

If you were to visit West Point, Monrovia today, you would see the conditions the 75,000 slum dwellers are living in. There is a long way to go to improve the quality of life for not only the children, but for all residents of Liberia's largest slum. We hope you will join us in our efforts. 

To learn more about partnering with us, email our US Executive Director at