What do we do?

We support children in Liberia's largest slum to go to school.


The West Point slum is home to approximately 32,625 children.  Out of these children, an estimated 22,000 children did not start school last September as all children deserve. Child by child, we are supporting the most vulnerable youth in West Point to return to government schools with all the support they need.

Sponsorship Program


Though government school is technically free, many children still cannot attend as many things you need to go to school are not free -- school uniforms, shoes, socks, school supplies, health care, P.E. uniform, food, etc. Through our sponsorship program you will be ensuring that each student has all of the uniforms, tuition, and school supplies they need, as well as two meals per weekday throughout the year!  Any remaining funds donated by you will help support the operation and growth of EWP and our programs.

Education System Strengthening


Partnering with the Liberian Ministry of Education, we plan to work alongside their efforts to improve the educational opportunities available to the children of West Point. As it stands today, there is only one government school in West Point -- West Point is home to 32,625 children and this school is currently operating at max capacity with just over 1,000 students. You see the challenge presents and it is one that is at the top of our agenda!

sponsorship package

Uniforms & Shoes


Two uniforms, one P.E. uniform, shoes and socks -- We've never seen children so happy until we saw our first group of students trying on their tailor made uniforms and new shoes!

School Supplies


Back packs are provided full of notebooks, text books, pens and pencils so that each student is prepared with enough supplies for the school year.

Two Meals a Day


We provide every beneficiary with two meals a day for the entire school year as well as three days a week during the summer for our extended learning program.

Health Care


Though health care in Liberia is free, patients are often required to pay for their own medicine due to frequent stock outs of essential medicine. To ensure our students stay healthy, we have included the cost of basic health services.

After School Program


As all of our students will have been out of school for a year or more, they will likely have fallen behind their peers. To address this, we operate an after school program where students receive tutoring as well as the opportunity for other extra curricular activities such as art, music, creative writing, reading and computer class.



Working with vulnerable youth, our team includes trained social protection officers who provide counseling,  support and guidance to our children as well as their families to ensure a healthy atmosphere at school and home to facilitate learning.